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Where was our family in the Civil war?

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

The most divisive conflict in our nations history (except perhaps for Bush vs Gore of 2000). Where was our family during that contentious time? Right in the middle of it – well, some of us. Many of the Thompson-Hayward-Snypes-Moore ancestors were ‘tweeners’, too young or too old to participate directly in the conflict. Still, with all that fuedin’, there were bound to be a few.

What follows is a list of who was alive at that time, how old they were (in 1860, just before the war), and what part, if any, they played in this historic drama.


Hayward Family – decendants of first cousins

Sunday, March 28th, 2010

I guess I was bound to find it somewhere; on September 23rd, 1804 when Davis Hayward married I. Freelove Whitman we became the descendants of two first cousins marrying.

You see Davis was the son of Azariah Hayward. Freelove was the daughter of Sarah Hayward. Azariah and Sarah were siblings.

Turns out, the US is one of the few countries that has a law about cousins marrying, and the science behind it is flawed. There is an interesting article on this over at The Straight Dope

Was it a “shotgun” wedding? Who knows, but the shotgun has been around longer than the law against first cousins marrying, at least in Massachusetts, where it is still perfectly legal!

Who knew?

Davis Hayward is the great great grandfather of Myron Esdell Hayward.