Monthly Archives: April 2010

Thompson Family – the mystery of Mildred

A name that I frequently heard growing up as a Thompson was ‘Cousin Mildred’. As a young child, this confused me, since I thought I knew all my cousins. Of course, I also thought all cousins were children. We would occasionally get gifts from Mildred, but if I ever met her, I don’t remember. I do remember asking… Read More »

Where was our family in the Civil war?

The most divisive conflict in our nations history (except perhaps for Bush vs Gore of 2000). Where was our family during that contentious time? Right in the middle of it – well, some of us. Many of the Thompson-Hayward-Snypes-Moore ancestors were ‘tweeners’, too young or too old to participate directly in the conflict. Still, with all that fuedin’,… Read More »

Why are my cousins ‘removed’?

There is a lot of confusion about the term ‘cousin’, especially as it relates to distant cousins. The concept of ‘first cousin’, ‘second cousin’, etc… is hard enough, but what the heck is a ‘first cousin once removed’? Why are they removed? Did they do something wrong? How can I get MY cousin removed? So I am going… Read More »

Snypes Family – did you know?

While surfing over at I discovered the Tennessee marriage license for Sherman Cleveland Snypes and Pearl Willis. What I find most interesting…well I’ll come back to that. What I find interesting is the premise of the license: In Tennessee in 1921, you signed a bond for $1250.00. If a lawful cause was ever found why Sherman and… Read More »