OK, I know, its been 6 months? 7 months? Ouch. I have been working on something though… Want to manage a Family Tree online? Create a map of your ancestors using WordPress? Announcing a new plugin, rootsPersona. rootsPersona is plugin I wrote to manage and present Genealogy data for a family website run on WordPress. […]

Happy Anniversary!

If you look on the right, you will see that I have added a new ‘Members Only’ section of the site. Currently this includes two pages capturing the Birthdays and Anniversaries of all the living descendants of our grandparents. For privacy reasons, these pages require that you register and login to view. Corrections are welcome, […]

News – this site has new urls

This site can now be reached through three new urls The new new urls are a little more ‘family friendly’ in that they imply this is OUR site, not MY site.

Welcome to the Family!

I would like to welcome you to the grand opening of Thompson-Hayward-Snypes-Moore, a website dedicated to the grandparents of Edward Thompson and Rebecca Snipes. If you’re family, please register, as there are plans for family only content coming soon. If you’re friend, feel free to browse our tree. For all, leave comments, use the ‘Contact […]