Headstones and Graves

Recently I joined findagrave.com, a web site dedicated to cemeteries and the people who inhabit them. It started with a google search for David Thompson, an ancestor and soldier of teh revolution; my current brick wall. The search brought up a historical cemetery in Belknap, NH. FindAGrave lets you request photos of grave sites, and […]

Has Anyone Seen My GG-GF? SUCCESS!!

A couple weeks ago I received a gift. It came in an email from someone I had corresponded with in the past, and whom I now know to be my second cousin, once removed. From James Hamlin: Have a couple of leads for you in attached docs. Several years ago I joined the NE historical […]

Has Anyone Seen My GG-GF? Part 3

I was very excited when I got home a few minutes ago to find an envelope from the Secretary of the Commonwealth, Massachusetts Archives. It was the documents I requested: I am looking for my GGGF, and would like to request 2 death records: Last Name First Name Town Years Thompson Charles Boston 1893 Thompson […]

Has Anyone Seen My GG-GF? Part 2

It’s been a while, I know. Well, the search for great great grandpa Thompson goes on. As previously discussed, I believe Charles H Thompson died before 1900. This based on a Census record listing his wife and children, but not him. I WISH I had data from the 1890 census, but such is life. Looking […]

Has Anyone Seen My GG-GF? Part 1

When I first started looking into our family tree several years ago, I expected to make great strides in defining the Thompson line. My grandfather was still alive at that time, as were several others of his generation, and the Thompson’s of New England, where I was born, are well documented. Thompson would be the […]