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  1. How exciting to finally find a missing person. I hope I have that kind of luck one day.

  2. Funny how this genealogy thing goes. My sister started ours a few years ago and gotten into it a bit. I wanted a place to put it up online so I got a domain this morning after finding your plugin on wordpress site. godaddy has a heck of a deal right now. 12 bucks a year for a “managed wordpress site” w/free domain.
    So I got the plugin installed and activated and clicked on the link to the plugin site. Had a look around this site and I noticed this post, the surname Hunt, locations etc and we might just be related. I’m from Marshfield, Ma and we have Hunt and Hart on my Mother’s side.
    I’ve only got a small portion of the tree. Mostly dealing with father-son line going back to 1630. I’ll have to check with my sister and see if she has any more Hunts or possibly Thompson. Although I only see Hart as a middle name here, it’s as middle and surname in our tree as surnames often get used as middle names.
    Well, I’m off to try the plugin now. Thanks for writing it. John P

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