Headstones and Graves

Recently I joined findagrave.com, a web site dedicated to cemeteries and the people who inhabit them.

It started with a google search for David Thompson, an ancestor and soldier of teh revolution; my current brick wall. The search brought up a historical cemetery in Belknap, NH. FindAGrave lets you request photos of grave sites, and volunteers take photos and post them.

I put in a request, and within 3 days I had this!

Volunteers being the generous people they are, I also got a photo of his wife’s grave!

There are many things one can learn from a burial, including dates, names, and who is buried near by.

I have since volunteered, and have myself contributed half a dozen photos for people. Sometimes its for genealogical purposes, but its just as often for people who just want to see the gravestones of remote loved ones. On Saturday mornings I stroll through a grassy cemetery looking for names, clearing leaves, untangling chimes, and righting pots. Not a bad way to spend a morning actually.

I have since gotten a couple more requests fulfilled, including one for my mother in law’s father and one for an ancestor, Daniel H Thompson of Marshfield, MA.


Needless to say, I am a fan of FindAGrave