The most divisive conflict in our nations history (except perhaps for Bush vs Gore of 2000). Where was our family during that contentious time? Right in the middle of it – well, some of us. Many of the Thompson-Hayward-Snypes-Moore ancestors were ‘tweeners’, too young or too old to participate directly in the conflict. Still, with all that fuedin’, there were bound to be a few.

What follows is a list of who was alive at that time, how old they were (in 1860, just before the war), and what part, if any, they played in this historic drama.

I have intentionally left out our female ancestors, not as a slight, but only to save time and space, since women could not serve in the US military until Oops, I stand corrected. OK, as soon as I find the women from our past who played an active role in the Civil War, I will update this page with that information. (Information, by the way, that is hard to come by!)

(As always, the relationship indicated parenthetically is to the grandparent listed, not to myself or Becky.)


Ancestors of Raymond Brooks Thompson

  • Charles H Thompson (GF) – Okay, not a clue – anybody?
  • Joel Raymond Jr (GGF) – Age 35, enlisted in the 5th Regiment, Massachusetts Infantry
  • Joel P Raymond (GGGF) – Age 66, living in Charlestown, Middlesex, MA
  • William Henry Brooks (GF) – Age 3, living in Abington, Plymouth, MA
  • Henry Augustus Brooks (GGF) – Age 27, living in Abington, Plymouth, MA
  • Theodore Brooks Jr (GGGF) – Age 54, living in Abington, Plymouth, MA
  • Eleazer Dexter Nash (GGF) – Age 39, living in Abington, Plymouth, MA

Ancestors of Ellen Elizabeth Charles

  • Joseph Charles (GF) – Age 22, living in Surrey, VA
  • Thomas Charles (GGF) – Age 55, living in Surrey, VA
  • James Preston Basham (GF) – Age 7, living in Mercer, VA
  • William Blane Basham (GGF) – Age 32, Company I, 6th Regiment, Virginia Infantry


Ancestors of Myron Esdell Hayward

  • Edwin Sheldon Hayward (GF) – Age 8, living in Halifax Township,Plymouth,MA

Ancestors of Rosemarie Elizabeth Montouri

  • The ancestors of Nana Hayward did not emmigrate from Italy until the late 1800’s or early 1900’s


Ancestors of Sherman Cleveland Snypes

  • William Sherman Snypes (F) – Age ???, working on it.
  • Asberry Snypes (GF) – Age 50, living in McDowell, VA. (died in 1861?)

Ancestors of Pearl Wing Willis

  • John Willis (F) – Age ???, living?


Ancestors of William Henry Moore

  • Alexander Moore – Age 29, 9th Infantry Regiment West Virginia

Ancestors of Susan Virginia Richardson

  • Only the good die young. Needs more research.

I know I don’t have everybody, and some of the ‘primes’ (men of age to fight) MIGHT have fought, and I just haven’t discovered it yet. I am also missing brothers and uncles; but certainly there is enough here to see we ALL had ancestors on BOTH sides of this conflict.

I learned a lot from this research. For instance, WV split from VA and was a’ Northern’ state! William Basham, my GGGGF, lived in what is now WV, but was part of the confederacy. Alexander Moore, Becky’s GGF, also lived in what is now WV, but enlisted with the North!

As always, I will update this page as more information is discovered. I invite you to help me discover!

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